Thursday, 30 March 2017

Illustrated Calendar

I am planning to make a calendar for next year.
I didn't leave enough time for myself last year to make a calendar. So I am starting early this year to complete 12 illustrations.

It already went through one idea change from my initial idea but I am settled on doing less known places in or around London this year. I happened to visit Greenwich recently and I just wanted to capture the place in my own style. Another inspiration is this book, "Tired of London, Tired of Life" - by Tom Jones and illustrated by Hannah Warren. ( Published from Virgin Books). It is a book listing less known places in London and you can visit a place a day. I always loved this book and went to places that were mentioned in the book and loved them. ( I even written a blog post about those exciting places I visited from the book here. )

"Tired of London, Tired of Life"

Here are the illustrations I have done so far. I am also trying to limit the use of colour in each image to practice my colour palette.
The locations are entirely my selfish choice of my favourite places around London. OK, so it's 3 down, 9 more to go!

Greenwich observatory and the university building

Bushy Park before spring


既に最初のテーマのアイデアはボツにしてしまったのですが、どうやら2018年のカレンダーは「ロンドンのあまり知られていない場所」をテーマに12枚描いていこうかと思います。最近グリニッチに行く機会があり、グリニッチ天文台や、あの壮大な大学の建物の雰囲気を絵にしてみたいと思ったのと、私が愛読している「Tired of London, Tired of Life」にも影響されてこのテーマにしてみました。この本に載っている場所を訪れたときのブログも過去に書いております。ご興味のある人はこちらも読んでみてください。ロンドン市内の有名どころだけじゃなく、私の独断と勝手で選ばせていただきます、「あまり知られていないけど素敵な場所」をイラストにしていきます。イラストは既に描いた3枚、あと残り9枚!頑張って完成させます。

Photo I took of Kingston riverside.

Work in progress for Kingston image.

Kingston-upon-Thames riverside

Friday, 17 March 2017

Wedding custom orders

December last year, a good friend of mine in Japan had her wedding. I was asked to do a welcome board with the illustration of the couple, which is quite common to have at weddings in Japan.  
I was also asked to give it a Christmas feel since the wedding was in December. She also asked for little forest creatures to be included.


I haven't been to too many weddings but it was one of the most emotional wedding. I was mentioned in her little speech as one of the girls who changed her life in school. ( I had no idea! until I heard the speech.) She was extremely shy at school and I apparently made her to open up. She is now one of the most bubbly and a friendly atmosphere-setter of my friends. I remember talking to her in the first few days of school because she was busy drawing in her sketchbook at her desk. She is really good at drawing.


And here is another wedding commission I had recently of a couple. They are a lovely couple of English man and Lithuanian lady. They wanted to reflect each other's background so I illustrated the girl in folk Lithuanian costume and English gentleman. This was a cover illustration for their wedding invites. 
Head over to my website for detailed look on both wedding commissions.


Monday, 6 March 2017

Tea packaging design

After coming back from India in January I had a meeting with my agency. I have visited India for 3 times now and it has been my desire for years to illustrate India. Tea packaging was one of the theme I wanted to illustrated for a long time. This coincided with my discussion with agency of "putting my illustration in context." So I decided to do packaging illustrations.
I've visited Mumbai many times and had chai from street stalls, at stations and at home. And I like the buzz of the Mumbai city. Rickshaw for example, I found the drivers' skill to take you through the hectic traffic amazing. They are often chilled out and barefoot and driving in casual style. So I included him in the design for Mumbai cutting chai.


For the second packaging I picked Darjeeling tea. In contrast with colourful and cheerful Mumbai chai, this packaging is serene and green. The tea plantation is located in the mountain and the tea plantation is lush green. During my research I have also come across many articles about the tea pickers were under paid and living condition that the tea farm should provide them weren't at a minimum standard. So please buy fair trade next time you go and shop for tea. So what do you think of these packaging?